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Q. I've never been to therapy before. What should I expect?

A: Therapy is different for everyone, and it can be a powerful experience. Remember that this is a safe place where you can be totally honest. You may experience any number of feelings in session, so I recommend giving yourself time to rest and reflect the day of therapy. Eventually, you may develop a routine that helps your process everything afterwards.

Q: Where do I start? What should I talk about?

A: It's okay if you aren't quite sure where you want to start. I'll start asking questions to get to know you a little better and understand your presenting concerns. 

Q: Insurance is confusing. Do I pay anything out of pocket?

A: Insurance can be tricky. I recommend calling your insurance company and asking the questions under the payment section of my website. You may be required to meet your deductible first, or the insurance may allow you to just pay a copay from the start. I will do my best to answer any additional questions. 

Q: Is online counseling just as effective as traditional therapy?

A: Yes! Thus far, research has shown that online counseling is just as effective as counseling in person. Just make sure you  find a quiet, private place to minimize distractions and avoid interruptions. Having people around may cause you to censor yourself, which slows down the therapeutic process. 

Q: Does insurance cover online counseling?

A: Many insurance companies do! Let me know who you are insured with to find out their policy on online counseling or telehealth. 

Q. Can I do online counseling on my phone or laptop?

A. Online counseling is available on your mobile or laptop, as long as you have a working camera and microphone.  I use a HIPAA compliant program for online sessions that you will also have access to on your device.

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